A las puertas de una nueva INTIFADA??

Atentado en Jerusalem cobra la vida de una niña de 3 meses.

La situación en Israel hoy se ha desarrollado con mucha tensión, lo grave del tema nos hace preguntarnos: Estamos ante la posibilidad del comienzo de una nueva intifada?

Una bebé fue asesinada en un ataque terrorista en Jerusalén

Una bebé fue asesinada y ocho personas heridas, al ser atropellados con su automóvil por un terrorista palestino en una parada del tren liviano en las afueras de Givat Hatajmochet (la Colina de las Municiones), en Jerusalén.

“Un automóvil privado arrolló a pasajeros del tren liviano cerca de la sede principal de la policía. El automovilista intentó escapar pero fue alcanzado por un disparo, efectuado por un oficial de la policía de Jerusalén”, dijo la portavoz policial, Luba Samri.

Incidentes violentos en Silwan entre las Fuerzas del Orden y activistas radicales.

Enfrentamientos entre fuerzas policiales israelíes y radicales.

Dos soldados israelíes son heridos por fuego procedente de Egipto

Los heridos son un oficial y un soldado de la unidad Caracal, que fueron trasladados a un hospital en helicóptero, según dijo el portavoz del Ejército israelí.

Jerusalem intifada could spark West Bank fire

The violence in Jerusalem has been bubbling just under the surface for several months now. But only after Wednesday’s terrorist attack, which resulted in the death of a 3-month-old baby, will the public focus its full attention on what has been happening in the city.

What there seems no choice but to call a municipal intifada has effectively been raging in Jerusalem since this summer. While the fighting in the south has ceased completely since the late-August cease-fire with Hamas and calm has also been restored to other areas, like the West Bank and Israeli Arab communities, the violence in Jerusalem never stopped for a moment.

It goes far beyond the murder of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir by Jewish terrorists in July. During the summer’s war in Gaza, a Palestinian terrorist ran over an Israeli with a construction excavator in downtown Jerusalem. More recently, the security situation in Jewish neighborhoods in the city’s east and north has deteriorated sharply. In addition, tensions are gradually rising over Jewish visits to the Temple Mount and efforts to settle Jews in Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem.

Over the past several years, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has made an impressive effort to restore a sense of personal security to Jerusalem residents and bring domestic and foreign tourists back to the city after the dark days of the second intifada, from 2000 to 2005. But one of the most ambitious moves of his term as mayor — the light rail project — has now become the focus of a violent Palestinian popular struggle.

Immediately after Abu Khdeir’s murder, masked men were filmed wrecking light rail stations in Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem. Since then, Palestinians have stoned the trains passing through these neighborhoods on an almost daily basis, while Wednesday’s terror attack occurred at a light rail station on Ammunition Hill. The rail lines that run through Arab neighborhoods of the city are seen by Palestinians as a symbol of Israeli rule that must be challenged — and also as an easy and convenient target for attacks.


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